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Andrew was great. he is very personable. he clearly has great knowledge about house systems. he was very thorough and helpful to answer questions about anything i had questions on - which was most things. i highly recommend Andy. Extremely comprehensive.

          Jr G.

Andy was truly amazing, I even tried to stump him but to no avail, he had answers for everything I asked and answered with a smile. Very easy to understand and did a great job explaining things. He was way more thorough than any other inspector I have ever seen, a great value! I would highly  recommend  to anyone who wants to learn about the house they are buying and know what's wrong with it. Thanks Andy!                      


           John B

It is a wonderful experience having Andrew to inspect our house to be purchased. First of all, Andrew is a REAL expert on house and he knows where he needs to check; second, he is very responsible and performs inspections very carefully, third, he is very nice to teach you things you want to know about the new house once you occupy it, and last but not the least is that his fee is very reasonable. I would use him again for my next house purchase and will definitely recommend him to my friends.


           Hope Z.

Andrew was extremely thorough, patient, and transparent through the entire inspection. He showed up early, walked me through the small issues in the house - explained the likely cause and solutions. I would definitely recommend to him to anyone looking for an inspection.                                                                                      

            Joshua H.

Andy was a pleasure to work with. He was professional, friendly and very thorough. He clearly communicated what was needed and gave us tips on the best way to fix the issues and well as money saving tips. His report was clear and concise with lots of pictures. We would definitely recommend Andy Renaux. Thanks again Andy!

          Matt B.

Andy was very professional, methodical and helped to explain certain things to me that he saw which I should notice. He's very knowledgeable and thorough. The contractors renovating the house I'm hoping to purchase were not able to tell me the status of my chimney/fireplace, but Andy was able to examine the structural integrity - which was a huge concern for me. The price is in line with the market average, but the attention to detail is more than I expected. AND - he used a mobile tablet/computer which allowed him to deliver the report, full with color photos, within 10 minutes of completing the inspection! I highly recommend Inspection Pro, LLC.


         Stephanie H

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