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At InpectionPro, we are devoted to delivering the highest quality services at some of the most competitive rates in the business. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority and we will serve you in the most Professional manner possible. Boasting some of the most intimate and expansive knowledge of Building practices and maintenance combined with using current technology for more accuracy and less impact on our Planet as well as our devotion to our clients makes us the best choice for your Inspection. All Inspection Reports are done on an Ipad with high quality pictures and in-depth explanations and delivered to your email inbox, instantly.



    A friendly staff member is          waiting to help you!
Home Inspections
Home Inspection Fee List  

1000 SQFT. or less $400.00

1000-2000 SQFT. $450.00

2000-3000 SQFT. $500.00

3000-4000 SQFT. $550.00

4000-5000 SQFT $ 600.00

5000-6000 SQFT  $650.00      6000-7000 SQFT. $750.00

7000-8000 SQFT. $850.00

Reinspection $200.00

Well Inspection $100.00

Well and Walk Over Septic Inspection $110.00

Well Inspection & Well Shock $175.00

Well Shock $75.00

Pool Inspection $175.00 


New Home Building           Inspections

1) Foundation Inspection

2) Pre-Drywall Inspection 

3) Punch Out Inspection

Conduct all three New Home Inspections receive $75.00 off each inspection.

Conduct two of the New Home Inspections receive $50.00 off each inspection.


Radon Testing $150.00

inddor air test pic.jpg
Mold Air Testing

Testing the indoor air quality of your house is important, you may need to filter the air better to alleviate health symptoms. Worse yet, mold may be lurking in a dark corner somewhere just waiting to attack those allergies. A mold air test will tell you content and concentration of potentially hazardous mold spores.

Air Testing: $295.00

            Discount List 

Pay in cash and receive $25.00 off total fee

Pay with a check and receive $10.00 off total fee 

Conduct any three services receive $25.00 off total fee 

Our valued return clients receive $25.00 off total fee 

Thank you for your service! Military, First Responders, Nurses, Teachers receive $25.00 off total fee 

Water Testing Fee List
includes Lab Fees

Basic Water testing including  E.coli (coliform) $99.00 



Full Panel  Water Testing including  lead, nitrate, nitrite $149.00


Full Panel Water Test including  lead, nitrate, nitrite, and coliform bacteria only $229.00


Andy was on time, relaxed and on point. Per his exacting report t I was able to go and get the supplies I needed to do the repairs that he had sugested I do. His photos in his report help me to decide which dimensions required for some repair work. But...he forgot to forward me the panoramic picture he had taken of the view of Baltimore from my rooftop. His picture has inspired my wife to have me create a rooftop garden...gee..thanks Andy :-)

                                                              Vincent B. 

If you are looking for an overall great value and experience in a home inspection, then stop searching now - and contact Andy at InspectionPro. His combination of extensive working knowledge on all aspects of a home, excellent interpersonal skills, and passion to serve others will leave you very satisfied. Andy was early on the job, and actually had pictures taken and observations recorded when I arrived 15 minutes prior to our start time. Andy spent 5.5 hours on our 4300 sq ft home, and used every minute of that time inspecting and educating. He clearly takes pride in his service, and even offered to come out in the early Spring to properly inspect the pool (which had been winterized) at no charge. And by the way, his quote was by far the lowest (of at least a dozen bids). This is a slam dunk folks! Thank you, Andy!

                                                                 David H

Very thorough, very friendly, very comprehensive, professional. Andy took his time to explain even the simplest inspection flaws and how we could remedy them. He is patient and attentive. Recommended!






Elysia H.

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